Clinical Research Unit and Biobank1®

Our services

The Clinical Research Unit at Møre & Romsdal Hospital Trust opened in 2017 to help promote clinical research throughout Møre & Romsdal Hospital Trust and offer a broad clinical research support.

The Clinical Research Unit has a staff of research trained Nurses, a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist and medical Physicians. In addition, a Statistician and Study Monitor services on hand, and not least a network for research support locally, regionally and nationally. With a well-equipped laboratory, and a close collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Radiology and the hospital Pharmacy, the Research Unit offers a fast response time. The staff handle most types of studies with a network of contacts in various departments, optimizing patient flow within clinical research.

Research Support

The Clinical Research Unit can support you with

  • Plan, carry out and complete a clinical study in collaboration with you.
  • Advice on study protocols
  • Advice on applications to the Regional Ethics Committee, the Norwegian Medicines Agency and take out insurance with the Drug Liability Association
  • Advice on medical evaluation and safety of study protocol
  • Agreements / coordinate contact with the department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Radiology and Pharmacy
  • Coordinate examinations in and outside the Clinical Research Unit
  • Carry out patient appointments in the Clinical Research Unit
  • Sampling, handling and dispatching biological material
  • Help with the use of electronic questionnaires
  • Facilitate monitoring of clinical studies

Biobank1® service for the entire Møre & Romsdal Hospital Trust

We are part of the Biobank1® collaboration in Mid-Norway (www.biobank1.no/en/ ).
At Ålesund hospital, there is a well-equipped laboratory for sampling, handling and dispatching. The other three hospitals have all minus 80-degree freezers; daily operation is in collaboration with the Department of Medical Biochemistry. We can freeze and store at -20 °, -80 ° and -150 ° Celsius (with temperature logging and alarm) and register various data on the biological material in the database Biobyte®. We have nitrogen transport medium to handle biological material taken outside the Clinical Research Unit.

Treatment area

In the treatment area, there are three posts (bed or chair) with monitoring equipment. Also a separate room that offers a quieter environment for monitoring/observation. It is possible to have a conversation, examine and register data findings at each station.

Research meeting

It is possible to schedule a research meeting (8-10 people) in our conference room.

If you wish to include others from different locations, they can use Microsoft Skype4B or the virtual meeting room solution Acano, which joins Skype4B and an external video conferencing unit together (Alesund.kf@vm.nhn.no).

Where to find us?

The Clinical Research Unit is located on the lower floor "U" in the hospital high-rise block in Ålesund, with entrance from the north (outpatient clinic entrance) or south (main entrance).  Follow the turquoise strip on the wall marked "Klinisk Forskingspost" for direction.

Opening hours:
Weekdays open between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Activity outside these hours by appointment only.

Contact information:
Tel: 0047 70 10 61 92
E-mail: kliniskforskingspost@helse-mr.no

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